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Roulette of Water

Win, loss, success. These are things all of us are familiar with.

“I’ve got to own a mansion,” or, “I need ten million plus dollars in my bank account,” these are common type things which many perceive as marks of being ‘successful.’ Success, it is not linear as society and family members may make one want to think it is. Success, it can be as simple as completing a task one has been working on for some time, paying of one’s own debt or whatever else one wants it to be.

One can and should define what is success, for one’s own self. Not what society or some family member may define it as for one. Success, put it into one’s own terms. It is empowering and will help one along their course spiritually.

Two other words often trouble people, words which tie into success, those are win/winning and loss/losing. That outlook, it stems from duality. The dualistic limiting way of living in terms of this or that, X or Y, etc. Some common examples one might have is feeling like they ‘lost’ because someone else got the job they wanted. Or someone playing a video game only to be met by the ‘You lost’ / ‘You died’ / ‘Defeat’ screen. If one looks past those labels though, to say an example in a work environment. There is one person amongst numerous working on ideas to pitch for an advert of a new product. The teams of people, they work on their own ideas, but ultimately only one of those plans is chosen to go forward with. One of the people in the ‘losing’ team may see it as a ‘loss.’

Or they could choose to see all the areas they gained and learned. They sharpened their skillset, strengthened their bonds with their colleagues, helped ensure the best possible advertising method was went with and making new contacts within their career-sphere. That, it is just one example. In every day life we can all step back and look at a situation that is easily perceived as a loss. In that stepping back and being positive as well open minded, it becomes clear how the situation is more of a net positive than it was a loss. It is just like that old saying, “We have more in common than we have in difference!”

When one brings success into their own terms and is open minded enough to see beyond dualistic the win or lose perceptions, that is when one’s life takes on a much more positive abundant upswing.

Everything in this universe, it is always moving, always dancing to the drive to create. Let that drive to be better, that drive to create be strong.11:11

A little of offsight

This post, it will be a short one due to lack of time. Tomorrow though I will convey the events of this day. A lot happened.

OK,  I now wish to talk about matters of body and a little of spirit.

“The ways, they lead to the means.” ~ Me

That quote, it was something which popped into my awareness randomly several days ago. The meaning of it is simple: When one does the ways of a thing, it will lead to the means (having) of that/those things. It is an inevitability.

We as beings of pure awareness, having a human experience sometimes focus on the cognitive efforts to grow too heavily. In this world, there is so much that is focus coming in at one’s physical body. Whether it is unhealthy food, forced life and work styles, to a great many other things like technology having adverse side affects physically. Even medicines which don’t cure, but instead suppress or create bigger problems. It is when the body is unhealthy or negatively affected that our cognitive growth can be hindered or interfered with. Imagine that one’s awareness is at a certain high frequency, but their physical body is down at a low frequency. It is the body which will be targeted to pull one down spiritually (easiest means of offensive.) A more comprehensive approach, it is to raise both one’s awareness, but also one’s body frequency wise. Eating healthier or just left often, exercise more, be around technology less often. Put energy and focus into making every part of your body more energized.

On the thought of body, when one eats, there is a process of taking the best of the input and discarding the rest. Yet when it comes to cognitive input, all too often what goes in – stays in. It is common for people to take in information, manipulation and whatever else cognitively, but never release it. Just as the body takes the best of the physical inputs and discards the trash. So to should we cognitively take the best of what we learn and discard the baggage.

An awareness that holds onto everything it encounters cognitively, it has little difference between itself and a garbage tip at times. There is so much that people carry cognitively which is pulling them down and attracting negativity into their life, invisibly. The man who yearns for a lost high paying job opportunity, the lady who waited too long to have a child and now will never be able to birth one. Even simply remembering all of those pointless news headlines. It is all of these things which keep getting carried cognitively which will continue spiritually pull one down.

Vices, they are known unhelpful things, but there are many things put in our way and advertised to us as fine or good. If something was truly good, it would not need millions to billions of dollars to advertise it. In my own life with hindsight, I’ve seen how I fell into a number of so called ‘this is good for you’ type things, things which never did my life any good, instead they made my life worse.

I have wandered a bit though and it is late for me. There is an old quote: “The body is your temple,” or something to that tune. That line is true, because if one is weak in body, then they can be hindered or impaired spiritually. Think about how many times you’ve known someone who is down in sorrow over their physical ill-health, which turned into spiritual ill-health. No amount of peppy talks will rise them out of it. The physical ill-health and focus on it, it pulls them down continuously.

When both one’s awareness and one’s body are enlightened as well as high frequency, one is in a very good (and safe) position.When11:11

Sun rays

Sat on my comfortable makeshift seat on my balcony, I have a view that partly looks out onto a park. The other part? That is a view of housing built in a different style. I have handmade throw covers from a relative covering my seating in a cozy cottage like appearance. They are tangible reminders of both love and community. It is enjoyable to be sitting out here in the sunshine with my laptop as I type this out. Cars and people, they pass by down below noisily. Snippets of cellphone conversations, roaring engines and other sounds, I am hearing many things.

I am not sure what to write about today, but I know that I want to write. My first project of the day was on a long term digital project. I had to revert the work back to an earlier save version, though I learned some things from the process. Being able to learn something from any situation, it is very helpful. Picking up my glass and drinking from it, the iced coffee in it stirs and the ice cubes inside it, they clink against the grass. Relaxing and drinking aside, I have been struggling at times to deal with the changed scenarios COVID has caused. My latest struggle, it was about staying spiritually true to myself.

When I was very little, I would always want to help people in some way. Whatever way I could. There was this one time I even cried at the thought of humanity never been able to learn to love itself and stop the pointless wars. It is in that vein I’ve known that spiritually I find motivation and energy in creating better situations for people. Thanks to this virus event though, I lost a lot of my hope for people to improve. That loss of hope, it led to darkness and loss of some of my spiritual light for weeks. This drop, it also reminded me of how running away is pointless.

The discussion of spirituality, it is not hard to find topics about ‘Ascension’ or ‘Ascension to the 5th dimension’. A lot of it is essentially escapism bubbled in spirituality. Even if one did that ascension, it would be as if one had upped and ran off to the countryside to avoid the realities on this planet. Yes I still work to raise my energy levels and overall light levels and yes it would be amazing to experience higher frequencies of existence. I know though why I am here and I will live out my time as brightly as I can to the end of this body.

Every now and then, one can falter. Every now and then can come doubts or darkness. It is those beings who keep picking their selves up after a fall who will lead a bright, long, happy life. Like that old line goes (roughly): When one has the way of being successful, they will become successful eventually, no matter how many bumps they encounter along the way. There is inevitability there.

Going in directions, like purpose, when one looks at a purpose in both the long and short term, it is easy enough to evaluate on whether it is worth doing or not. Evaluation is not always needed though as one’s own spirit often tells one when something is not a good pursuit.

Simplicity helps though, that is the making of a list of the core to-do’s. Better still, having a core list of daily to-do’s which are spiritually uplifting, it will keep one in a good place energy and light wise.11:11

Competition and Shells

Earlier this afternoon, I sat in a relatives front room watching T.V. while they were sorting something out in another room. One of the bay windows, it was gone, the long curtain covering it was constantly stirring as wind occasionally blew in. The show about the wilderness, it cut to an ad-break. A man, he loudly and proudly declared how he wanted his car ‘hot rod’ workshop to be ‘the best in the world’. That notion, it is so childish.

What is greater then competing and therein competition? It is co-operation. Plenty of people, they credit war with driving innovation. War, it negatively directs sentient innovation and at some point after the conflict a good soul finds a way to make a peaceful use of a wartime creation. War itself though, it only directly innovates destruction and the needless loss of life. We are all sentients having a human experience. Our bodies, they share the same basic DNA template with variations here and there. We’re part of one species, not many species’.

So this man on T.V. in the infomercial, he wanted his ‘hot rod’ garage to beat all others in the world, to stand out amongst others’ as the top. Instead of copying what others’ are doing and trying to beat them for the purposes of selfish fame or selfish wealth (or both of those drives.) He could have been creating his own niche, using his own garage to improve cars in unique new ways. Unfortunately though, he mimics what others’ are already doing and wants to put the others’ out of business too. That is a pursuit of negativity and linear selfish interest.

Co-operation, it transcends competition.

Making one’s own styles, that transcends the parroting of already existing things.

A subject unrelated to the above, it is this: sense of Self, ‘ID’ or ‘ego’ as some call it. No matter what the name, it points to the same thing. That initial self we live as, it is formed out of what is indoctrinated into us up until we’re in the mid-teenage years. Perceptions – what ones to have, what ones not to have. How to live, how to think. What to deny or not deny, the list of things programmed into us at a young age, it is very extensive. A common theme of all them though is: Compliance and powerlessness

When one moves to grow spiritually, they may feel powerless and wonder why. One main reason is that they are residing in that indoctrinated sense of self which is all about being powerless and compliant. As long as one resides within that, they are by default choosing to be compliant and very much powerless. One can get an immediate sense of their spiritual abundance by stepping out of that old sense of self. How I made this happen during the beginning of my spiritual growth was to let go of all thought, all rampant emotions, all focus on external  things. The wealth of spiritual abundance would then flow in. Where this flow can come in depends on how one’s body is at the moment. Common areas to feel it are: head, hands, stomach, feet.

The point of that particular share though, it is simply that spiritual abundance is never far from reach. One need only slip out of that indoctrinated sense of self for it to come in.

“The ways, they lead to the means.”~Me

That is a quote from myself I want to write about next.11:11

Observe, Listen

Frequently one is reminded that we need to keep learning. That if one stops learning, they lose, their mind. That mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s can occur more likely in older age due to the idle mind.

There is something else that needs to be keep being done. That other thing, it is: Observing.

In the the energetic realms and the material realms, things can start around one or start affecting one without one realizing it. It may seem innocuous at forst, so it goes unnoticed at initially. Tempo, it builds though and the affecting thing increases in effect continuously.

A woman, she chooses to do something which unknowingly to her has negative tainted energies and dark beings associated with it. The darkness then begins manifesting in her own life in myriads of ways. Like a virus, it spreads and multiples. If she had been observant initially, the woman, she would have seen how doing that thing, whatever it is, creates negative issues in other peoples lives. She would not have chosen it for herself.

That is an energetic example, but the same principle can be applied to anything in the material (physical.) When one is observant, they can see how something affects people and the world around. It is when one is not observant that they wander into places, into situations which are not always good. I was reminded of this the hard way through an experience which occurred several days ago. Yes, being one-hundred percent reliable in what one knowsspiritually is not always possible. But if one is in tune enough, they will correct for any errors in course in short measure.

Observe the ‘world’, people and situations of things around. One who is observant – they will know. Listening to one’s spirit will also aid greatly in the process of observing.

Guidance of one’s own spirit will keep one on their path. Guidance of the human mind’s rationale, it can lead one astray easily. Listen to your spirit in all things. Be observant at all times, in both energetic realms and in the material realms.

My novel

This post, it will be to the point.

I have my spiritual story based novel published and it is available here:

Thank you if you do check it out and may you have a good day.11:11

Wind on the Valley

There are times in life when loss of purpose can occur. It can be sudden, but sometimes not. It is like a ship losing its rudder and ending up going in circles. When in that place of loss of direction, loss of purpose, questions begin to arise. Like, “What was my direction to begin with? Where am I now? Why do I feel so uncertain?”

That situation, it creates the scenario where one is spinning around indefinitely, focusing on the question of why there is no longer s purpose rather than making a resolvement to.

This loss of purpose, it occurred to me as of last week. I recently completed my book and published it on Amazon. That task, it took much focus and effort over a protracted period of time. Now though I have much of focus and time to spare. The question, it became where do I dispense that extra time and focus at? In part I am doing it here with increased postings, but there is still much spare. Do I do more art? Focus on learning another language I’ve been practicing at off and on? Or perhaps something else.

I feel there is no wrong answer for me there in terms of choice. Choice, it is a powerful ability of those who are genuinely sentient.

The way out of that spinning, it is setting one’s self a new purpose, a new direction. It does not matter what is you choose. With that, your focus will go that way and in turn your energy will go with the focus out into all of creation. By pursuing something, one will attract more of that thing into one’s own life.

Approach one’s new purpose or new direction with enjoyment, passion or other uplifting feelings and it will be easier to stay that course. Positive interest and feeling, it is the spark that will keep lighting the way to one’s fulfilled purpose or direction.11:11



Juxtapose wings

The clouded-over skies high above, they are broody and dark in patches. All is in movement, like an endlessly flowing stream. Through the passage of time, clouds flow by overhead while the countryside below thrives. Fields of crops, fields of wild land interspersed between ancient forests. Occasionally sunlight breaks through the brooding cloudy cover. Babbling brooks, a part of a corn field then a hillside in the far distance. Here the person stands, looking out on nature, in nature. Here there is no car, no road or home or tell a tale. It is person and nature. But the person is as much part of nature as nature is a part of them.

A gentle breeze, it stirs tall grass and makes it sing. Tree breaches sway, their leaves whispering as if in a chorus. The air is rich with the smell of life and dirt. The ground, it is neither dry not muddy. Through the chorus of plant life comes in the infrequent calls of birds and roaming animals that go unseen by human eyes. Beings that are there, but operate intangibly. A roar sounds overhead in the domain of the brooding clouds and in an instant rain begins its descent. Slowly at first, pitter-pattering audibly against plants, trees, streams and the person their self. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. The person, they are in moments of juxtapose where they both yearn for an umbrella and yet they do not. As the rain falls upon then, cold droplets start soaking their hair and stream down their cheeks and exposed arms. The scene of countryscape turning to monsoon unfolding before them and around them.

There experience, it has brought them to this place, to this point. Yet to them their life has been a blur, a drudgery that they solemnly marched through. Is this monsoon something they wanted deep down? The answer to that they know not. The rain is pouring down now with an audible rush like a shower at its top setting. The rush of sound, it is the rush of life. Sound teaches, but only to those who are willing to truly listen. The ground turning to mud and everything seems to have a dull sparking haze about it. The person dares not move though, for something brought them to this here, to this now, it was a calling. They are faced with a choice, “Live in the now, be in the now,” sings the aspects of nature around. Beckoning the person to step out of their slumber. Leaves on an old tree, they buckle with every rain dropping hitting them and water flows down them. Their shine, their gloss, immense. “Live in the now, be in the now,” come the calls repeatedly. The life the person has been leading, it has been heading to where they would one day have an awakening in their elderly years and see with hindsight all the opportunities and tools they had at their disposal when they were younger. Hindsight that would morph into regret later on and lead to a sorrowful death. Soaked through now, the person shivers. Their hair, it is matted against their wet face which had droplets of rain streaming down it.

Then in an instant, their slumber, their blindness dissipates and before them everything, it seems alive and vivid. The sounds, they are empowering and the sights, they are radiant as never before. Every fiber of their being has a sense of connectivity, of being. Thoughts start to occur though and the person tries to rationalize the experience and in that error they lose the experience. The shroud of the person’s old ways reasserts itself like an unwelcome guest. Once again, they are out in the rain in a life of drudgery.

What lays before one, is it a unwelcome monsoon? Or a beautiful scene thriving with life that one would want to explore, to bring something new to?

The mind and rationalizing, it tries to put experiences into defined containers. In doing so those experiences are butchered or lost entirely. A living bull, it will not fit inside of a soda can. Experience the experience and commit it to memory if one will. The small way of the default human outlook is to rationale and categorize. Both, they are unhelpful approaches.

One can lead a life in the now. Ever choosing. Simply Doing. Does one want this or that in their life? Does one want this or that out of their life? What would one want to add to their life? As we live in the now, we make choices in the now and live free of regret in the now and in the future too. Tools to reshape one’s life and the things around, they are all freely available, whether they be spiritual or physical tools.

To live through a life in awakened slumber, seeing all as a drudgery, it will tear one asunder.



“In an open world of infinite potential, the fear or discomfort of the unknown makes it easy to desire to live in a confined way. That way, it is backwards though. To limit oneself so, it will cause regression and self-harm. It is better to approach and experience with openness. Those who create in the way of openness, they live naturally and create naturally.”~Me


Monastery Bliss

A tree to be, it reveals its first sign of being above the dirt one summer evening. The heavens, the stars, mountains and oceans, they expand infinitely in all directions. Out of the warmth and safety of the dirt, life exposed on the surface, it is harsh. I is also immeasurably rewarding.

That little tree to be, it grows, it flourishes and so the years pass. Seasons they come and go, some of them abundant and others less so. Becoming tall and thick, the tree’s canopy is now both lush and reaching far. Casting a protective umbrella beneath it for small plant life to grow. Light, it dances wistfully through that stirring, whispering lush green canopy, giving both shade and luminosity as needed. For as we grow, we also nurture. Helping sew the seeds for new life.

Branches twist and a strange fruit type, it grows upon it. The environment around, it shapes the tree. Fruits of our choices, fruits of our ways. Some lighter, some heavier. Then there is the prized and un-prized. Those fruits, they are the result of choices, actions and inactions. Like the tree, we stand tall and strong. But the burden of our ways, they can sometimes become too much and we may fall under the weight of our current way. Just as the tree can fall under its own weight.

Cognitive growth, like the art of bonsai — it in part involves cutting away what is no longer good or helpful for one. So just as one does bonsai, one too cuts at what they no longer need cognitively. What was once good for one, what was once prized by one, it will not always be so. As we cut away the old, we also create too. Adding new things, new potentials. Space, it is there to be used, space, it is blank potential manifested.

For all the growth we make and all the maintenance we do — cognitively. It is not something that one should squander or hoard. There is no plateau cognitively, only places were we choose to rest. And for all that growth, it should be put to use, be shared and aid others’ in some way.

A man in a monastery, he left every day life behind to become a monk. In his ways prior, he was brash and angry at life frequently. In the monastery though, gone are the work shifts, the hum drum. There is calm, isolation and simple routines. The years, they pass him by and at some point he reaches a point of enlightenment. There the monk resides, content in his achievement. But no sage or monk should linger at a plateau or bask in their achievement for the rest of their life. Experience that success and let it propel one to greater heights. What is achieved, it should be shared with the world. Not hidden away behind walls or choices hide what one can do now.

Flourish, let the world see and experience what it is one had achieved. A flower only blooms once and so to will you only bloom once as who you’re now. That bloom of yours, let it be beautiful and immeasurable.